What to look for in a Wedding DJ

wedding dj

What to look for in a wedding DJ

Weddings are probably within the 5 most important moments in anyone’s life. It’s your day, and you will want it to be perfect. A good wedding depends on a number of things, but one of the most important factors is definitely the music.

Because of this, most people will hire a DJ to take care of music at the wedding, and more. With that said, finding a good wedding DJ requires some work. You will run into a lot of people who will say they are DJ, but only a few who are actually good at it. Today we are going to talk about what to look for in a wedding DJ, and how to choose the right one.

Are they a professional DJ?

The first thing you need to learn about a DJ is whether or not DJing is their full-time career and NOT a hobby. Professional DJs will have all the necessary equipment that will guarantee a job well done. Sure, they come with a higher price tag, but if you want a good performance, you need to be prepared to pay the price.

Many people underestimate just how important music is for a wedding. This is also one of the main reasons why you’ll see a lot of amateur DJs working the weddings. Someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can easily destroy the whole ceremony. Don’t cheap out on your DJ.

Make sure they can read the crowd well

A large portion of wedding DJ’s job is the ability to read the crowd. This doesn’t only mean they should know what kind of music is appropriate, but they should also be able to follow the atmosphere and play the right song at a right time. You can find the most technically proficient DJ who has all the skills, but if they can’t read the crowd, you might as well just play a mix tape over the loudspeakers.

On a similar note, it’s worth mentioning that a wedding DJ doesn’t follow the same rules as the one you can find your local club. Aside from playing the right kind of music, a wedding DJ also needs to adjust the volume in a way that doesn’t obstruct the wedding.

Find out what else they offer aside from the core experience

wedding dj
A lot of wedding DJs will offer a range of other services aside from playing music. This can include a wedding photo booth, taking song requests, as well as bringing their own lighting. These things are not mandatory, but they can definitely enhance the overall experience a lot. Keep in mind that this is a competitive industry, so if you don’t find extra services right away, keep shopping around.


Finally, you will want a DJ who is easy to work with. If you feel that you don’t have an open channel of communication with a DJ, move along. No matter how good they are, or what they offer, it won’t mean much if you can’t find a middle ground with a DJ. Like we said earlier, finding a good wedding DJ takes some time, but it’s definitely worth all the effort.


Best DJ Equipment For Beginners

Best DJ Equipment for Beginners

Choosing your first DJ setup can be hard. There are so many different mixers, turntables and other equipment out there, which can definitely make this process overwhelming. On the same note, the amount of money you can spend on this setup can vary wildly depending on what you want to get.

The truth of the matter is that you can start simple and get affordable gear that will be simple to use, and which can get you started quickly. The core of any beginner DJ setup is a decent laptop. When we say decent, we mean a configuration that has a quad core CPU and around 8 GBs of RAM, which is what most laptops today offer. We won’t talk about computers today, rather we will look into DJ equipment that is best suited for beginners.



Before you get into mixers, dedicated CDJs or turntables which may be a bit too much for a beginner, we suggest you look at controllers. There are some pretty great models on the market which are both affordable and easy to use. We chose the following two controllers for their quality, reasonable price, and overall performance.

Numark Mixtrack Pro II

Mixtrack Pro II is a very rudimentary controller that offers everything you could need as a beginner DJ. You get 16 trigger pads for utilizing different samples, along with two jog wheels, a built-in audio interface and so much more. Many will recommend the Mixtrack II, but that model also doesn’t have a Headphones Out, which is a pretty important feature. Mixtrack Pro II comes with a Serato DJ Intro software, but also works with VirtualDJ.

The layout of this controller is very intuitive, while its design is definitely easy on the eyes. What’s more important is that build quality is there. This is a light controller that is sturdy enough for some serious use.

Pioneer DDJ-SB2

One of the most popular entry level controllers comes from Pioneer and is sold under the name DDJ-SB2. It offers a bit more flexible features than the Numark we just described and gives more control over your mix. The basic layout is still the same. You get two jog wheels with 16 performance pads and two channels. It’s popular for a good reason. Pioneer DDJ-SB2 is the type of controller that is suitable for both beginner and advanced DJs. you could easily do a live set with one of these and not feel limited by its capability.


A large part of being a DJ is the ability to monitor your mix. In order to achieve this, you will need monitoring headphones. For beginner DJs, we recommend an entry level set that isn’t too expensive but gets the job done.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x


These headphones have become popular due to their great quality and affordable price. You get very accurate performance that is packed in a robustly designed package. All this for at a very competitive price. The most important feature M40x offer when it comes to DJ applications is the clinical sound and the fact that each ear cup swivels. You just can’t go wrong with these.


The models listed above are a proven way to get your beginner DJ setup going. The performance you will get from these will have you covered even when you build some experience. What we showed you in this article is a great base for any new DJ, and proof that you can build a decent DJ rig without having to spend a whole lot of money doing so.

Best and Latest DJ Equipment

Best latest DJ equipment

The market for DJ equipment is a huge one, and it’s getting bigger by the day. Even so, some models are still dominating the charts and are unlikely to be dethroned anytime soon. Today we are going to take a look at the best latest DJ equipment available.

We will mostly look at various controllers that are currently representing the edge of the industry, and see what exactly they bring to the table. What we won’t talk about is DJ software. You all know what is currently the standard and what most of these controllers are designed to work with. With that said, let’s dig in.

Pioneer DDJ-SZ

Pioneer’s DDJ-SZ is the most complex and probably the most capable Serato controller you can currently get. It comes packed with features that will satisfy all of your requirements, no matter how particular you are about controllers. It’s a larger unit with four channels, two incredibly versatile CDJs and a whole bunch of options that make it perfect for club use. The pads that come with this model are probably the best you can currently find on any controller on the market. Pioneer DDJ-SZ comes at a price, but it’s definitely worth every penny.

Serato Controller

Traktor Kontrol S8

On the other side of the software ring ,we have the Traktor. Native Instruments has always been the go-to company when it comes to modern audio design and manipulation. Their Traktor Kontrol S8 is their current flagship controller built exclusively around Traktor. It offers flawless integration, a whole lot of features that will make live performance a breeze, and so much more.

Traktor Control S8 is built to give you the best Traktor performance you can get. It’s a versatile platform that can be used for just about any application. The layout is very intuitive and the only thing you will notice is the lack of jog wheels. However, S8 compensates this with great quality screens and other features you don’t often see in controllers of this kind.

Numark NS7II

Even though the modern controllers are fully digital, some are still missing that analog feel of turntables. Numark NS7II partially brings back that experience by offering two 7″ turntables with slip mats. This gives you the genuine feel of vinyl mixing in a digital controller. Aside from that, you get a pretty good 4-channel mixer and a lot of other features that you would expect to find in a top tier controller of this kind. This unit comes with a copy of Serato software and offers great compatibility with this popular platform.

turn tables

V-MODA Crossfade

Every good DJ setup needs to include a good pair of headphones. V-MODA Crossfade brings you a very flat sound reproduction using a pair of impressive 50mm transducers. These headphones not only sound great, but they also feature rotatable cups and a very comfortable design. Their performance is exactly what you need in order to monitor your mix and make subtle adjustments where necessary.

Final thoughts

What we showed you in this article is what many consider as the best latest DJ equipment. These controllers and headphones will give you the performance that is more than appropriate for both hobby and professional use.